ASSIGNMENT--10 Minute Vocabulary: The Seven Deadly Sins

10 Minute Vocabulary
The Seven Deadly Sins
15 points

You are going to see 10 Minute Vocabulary and Bite Sized Grammar each week. (Not both in the same week!) These are meant to be short reviews that will help you as we write and get you ready to take college prep exams and state mandated testing.

This week you are going to have 7 vocabulary words. These are the 7 deadly sins. There is quite a bit of history behind these sins. Basically, they are the result of a Theologian,
 Evagrius of Pontus, drawing up a list of human frailties to avoid. If you are interested, you can learn more about the seven deadly sins HERE.

This week, these seven deadly sins are your vocabulary words.


STEP 1: Review the tutorial below. Access or to review these words. As you are completing this assignment, please take notes on the meanings of these words. HINT: You will see them again!

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