ASSIGNMENT: J.D. Sallinger Remembered on NPR

JD Salinger

JD Salinger

STEP 1: Please link HERE to read or listen (click on the box that says, "listen to story") to National Public Radio's "J.D. Salinger, The Voice of Adolescence Angst, Dies" by Neal Conan. Article will open up in new window for easy browsing.

STEP 2: Click on "add submission" to open a text box. Answer the following questions about the article and JD Salinger.

1. The title of the article is "J.D. Salinger, The Voice of Adolescent Angst, Dies". What does the word ANGST mean? Why is it being applied to adolescents?

2. What is so memorable about Salinger?

3. According to the commentator, how did Salinger transform the genre of the short story?

4. This article suggests that Salinger was the first major literary figure to see adolescence as a separate piece of the human experience. He helped to define it. As you all are experts in adolescence, do you think that adolescence is a separate, definable, and important part of the human experience? How would you define adolescence? How is it different between adulthood and childhood? What about the new term tween? Are they separate too? Support your opinions.