ASSIGNMENT--"The Laughing Man" Application

The Laughing Man Application
20 points

STEP 1: Click "add submission" to open a text box.

STEP 2: Answer the following questions in the text box. (There is also the option of completing this assignment in Google Documents, copying your answers, and then pasting your copy into the text box.)

STEP 3: Submit your assignment.

"The Laughing Man" by J.D. Salinger

Please answer each question thoroughly. Support your opinions with examples. This assignment is worth 20 points.

1. What is the historical and physical setting of this short story? (4 points)

a. Does the setting help put across the theme of text? Support your answer. (2 points)

2. What is the tone of this text? (2 points)

a. How does Salinger achieve this tone? (2 points)

3. What is the mood of this text? Why did you feel this way? (3 points)

4. What is the point of view?  How do you know? (2 points)

5. What is the conflict of this story?  (2 points)

6. What is the theme of this story? Support your opinion. (3 points)