PROJECT: Math, Art, and Computers

PROJECT: Math, Art, Culture, and Computers

For many, it is hard to see how math and art fit together.  That will make it even harder to see how math, art, and computers work together to make something amazing.  In this project, you will do just that as well as learn some amazing culture along the way.  

You will be researching one of two cultural art forms, Native American bead loom or Graffiti.  While researching you will learn about the culture and history of your chosen art form.  You will then go through a set of tutorials that shows you how you can use math to create your own piece of art.  Finally, you will be putting together a presentation that discusses your art form, the culture behind it, the mathematical connections, demos the software, and display of your original design.  See below for more detailed instructions.


  1. Choose one of the following two art forms:
    Click HERE to learn about Graffiti art.
    Click HERE to learn about Bead Loom art.
    I recommend reviewing each of the art forms before choosing which one you want.  Pay special attention to the types of math concepts covered in the tutorial sections.  The Graffiti art covers more difficult math than the Bead Loom art so if you are nervous about the math aspect I recommend the Bead Loom art.
  2. Go through each of pages under the Culture section of the website.  Make sure to take notes on the culture for you will be presenting a summary of the cultural background in your presentation.
  3. Go through each of the pages under the Tutorial section.  These tutorials take you through the math concepts used in the art. Make sure to take notes on the mathematical connections for you will be presenting a description of how math is connected to your art in your presentation.
  4. Once you have read through all of the cultural and tutorial sections, it is then time to create your own.  While pre-made versions of your art form will be there for you to copy, it is important that you submit an original work of art for your presentation.  You can practice by replicating the pre-made art, but you must create your own for the project.   

If you are completing the Graffiti project, then please click on the Math Software link to start creating your own.


If you are completing the Bead Loom project, then please click on the Grade 4-12 Math Software page under the Software section.


Once you have completed your work of art, please take a screenshot of your project.  You will need this screenshot for your presentation.  Click HERE for a tutorial on how to take a screenshot.

Put together a Google presentation that contains the following:

      • 1. Title slide with your name and the art form you have chosen.
      • 2. Information related to the culture of your art form explained in your own words.
      • 3. The mathematical connections behind your art form explained in your own words.
      • 4. A picture of your created design.  Remember that this design must be original! 
      • 5. An explanation of how you created your design including the specific math concepts you used.
Submit your google presentation.
      • When you have completed your assignment in Google Presentation, click Share in the right hand corner
      • Change the sharing setting to Anyone can comment. This will allow your teacher to comment on your assignment.
      • Click Copy Link
      • To submit your assignment, return to this page and click Add Submission
      • Paste the link to your Google Presentation in the box (cntl+v)
      • Click Save Changes to submit your assignment
            Update the Math, Art, and Computers Project page in your Exploring Compute Science Portfolio. After updating the page, please submit the link to your portfolio below the link to your project in the text box below.