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The Library Was Different Last Time I Saw It...

The Library Was Different The Last Time I Saw It

by Tanner Martin

New York: July 24, 2200

I never thought I would live this long, of course no one else did either. I live in New York, or what used to be the modernistic flashy New York, now turned into a large city full of extravagant empty buildings. Likewise, with no one around I choose to live in the middle of the overgrown city in the penthouse of the Empire State building, which needless to say, was a dump. I have now lived here for 10 years and had to live off of the food that I could salvage at the local WalMarts, and the occasional animal that I annihilated with my assault rifle. I look around as I'm walking through the vacant city at all degrading newspapers that cover the crummy streets saying things like "The End it Near", "Start living life Now, or you wont get to later", “Become Impervious to the unforeseen Danger”.

I walked past the library that I used to go to when I was a kid and read about war and survival techniques; this was the place me and Bobby would go every day after school because we both dreamed about living in the wild. Looking at the old and tattered building, it brought a slight tear to my bloodshot eyes because without this overgrown library, I never would have survived.

As I walking down Wall Street I froze in mid-stride. There, 50 feet in front of me, was the largest wild boar I had ever laid eyes on. Its stature from the bottom of its front feet to the top of its head roughly 5 feet. The hair that covered this thing was almost as if the thing have gotten into a wig shop and rolled around until he resembled more of a Sasquatch on four legs. The tusks were about two feet long and at the end they were dripping with fresh blood. All I could think of at this point was dinner.

I promptly ran and crouched behind an abandoned car in the middle of the road. I had to think this through. I peered through the windows of the car and watched as the large beast rummaged through the streets looking for waste to eat. I would only have on shot at this before the boar would run away like a little piglet, or charge me. I put my gun of the hood of the car and looked down the scope, but every time that it was in sight, it would then leave again as it wondered somewhere else to look. I knew that the only way I could get a shot was If I got closer.

I picked up my gun and slowly started to make my way towards the brute. CRUNCH! On no.I stopped and looked down at the Coco-Cola can had just stepped on. I watched as the wild beast started stomping its large hooves and swinging its head around to try and find the intruder. Then something terrifying happened, it turned and looked me straight in the eyes,

“ROAR!” it bellowed!

“AH!” I screamed in my best Beiber voice.

The large pig started to charged me running like a dun over-sized dump truck in a drag race destroying everything in its path. I felt the polished grip on my assault rifle and aimed at the boar but I was so shaky that I couldn’t get a shot. BOOM! My bullet whizzed past its head. Bang! This time the hair was shaved clean down the middle of its head. The hair went up on my back as the beast charged faster in frustration, then he jumped in the air bearing its large tusks ready to eat me up.I pulled the trigger one last time, Boom!

“Ug” I groaned as I crawled out from under smelly armor bodied animal and out onto the street. I started to laugh, “Dinner!” I stuttered as I blacked out and landed on a nearby Coco-Cola can.