The Final Research Project: Introduction

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 English 12

This final project will be a chance for you to perform research on current issues affecting our world, and present this research in your own, persuasive, logical voice. In this project, take what you have learned during your time in English, and let that knowledge shine through in how you craft all phases of this project.

What’s the project? It will culminate in a 6-8 page synthesis paper in which you bring outside sources into an essay in order to complement and support your own ideas about a topic. At the same time, know that there are three phases to this assignment: 1) the research phase, 2) the prewriting and drafting phrase, and 3) the revising and polishing phase.

Tips and Requirements for Writing this Essay:

Synthesize at least 5 reputable sources.

Assume an educated audience – an audience who wants to understand more than
just one perspective on a topic.

Fully develop your ideas by digging beneath the surface of your topic. Remember, this is to be an
 analytical paper; not a report of facts, and not a how-to paper.

What is analysis? A good analytical paper will do some (not necessarily all) of the following:
  • Examine why something is the way it is.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of that something (and its ingredients), and possible ways for improvement (or resolution of a problem).
  • Question and challenge practices, beliefs, assumptions, and/or traditions.
    • In other words, consider multiple points of view in a respectful manner.
  • Support a thesis which has an opinionated quality.

Avoid an "info dump" by organizing your essay around a dominate thesis statement.
 Do not: Organize your essay around sources.

Do: Organize your essay around your ideas, around ingredients/subsets to your thesis.

Aim for 6-8 double-spaced pages (in MLA format with Times 12 point font) plus a Works Cited list with 5-7 sources.
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