A Tale of Two Cities Reading Log

As you read A Tale of Two Cities, you will be filling out a reading log after each chapter. You will include a summary of each chapter, any questions you might have about what you have read, and at least one memorable quote from each chapter. You will be submitting this log weekly so that your teacher can check your progress.

Click HERE for Reading Log

1. After opening the document, click "File" and "Make a Copy"
2. Change document name to your last name/Tale of Two Cities Reading Log (e.g. Layton Tale of Two Cities Reading Log)
3. Add your name after "By:" in the log heading.
4. Click "Share" and add your teacher's email address to the "Add People" box.

You will "share" this document with your teacher weekly by pasting the link into an "Edit My Submission" box in an assignment. Look for the assignment at the end of each week.

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