Summary of Chapter 3

Chapter 3 is a somewhat difficult chapter to understand, especially since it comes at the beginning of the novel, before readers have been introduced to main characters. Dickens begins the chapter with the quote we analyzed earlier, about how each human being houses secrets unknown to even those closest to them.

As a way of demonstrating this point, Dickens opens up for us the mind of Mr. Lorry, a banker and passenger on the mail. He sits right next to two other passengers as they share the long journey, but learn nothing about each other along the way. Throughout the chapter, Mr. Lorry drifts in and out of sleep, and we see the musings of his mind. At first he thinks of his work at Telleson's bank, but then he has an imaginary conversation with someone (a ghost?) as he is digging him out of a grave.

Keep this in mind as you read chapter 3, then answer the questions on the practice quiz.

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