Images of Shylock

After writing your journal for this week, you should be tuned into what kinds of impressions can be drawn, for good or evil, from pictures and images. Look through the following eight pictures of Shylock. In some he is alone, but in others you will need to pick out Shylock. As you study the images, think about what impressions you have about Shylock based on the images alone.

All images come from the Folger Shakespeare Collection. View these and other images of The Merchant of Venice by clicking HERE

Image 1
shylock 1

Image 2

shylock 1

Image 3
shylock 3
Image 4
shylock 4

Image 5

Shylock 5

Image 6
shylock 6

Image 7

Shylock 7
Image 8

Shylock 8


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