Please read through the following website. You will be using freerice.com to improve your vocabulary and grammar. There will be no formal test on this vocabulary lessons, but your word bank will improve, and you will help feed the hungry.
1) Read through the site and understand the program.
2) Click on "sign up" and create account.
3) Click on "select a group."
4) Click on "find groups" and search for "Dawman English 11." This will help track how much rice each player has earned, and how much we have earned as a class. You need to earn 500 grains per week, or answer 50 questions per week. You will submit a snip at the end of the quarter illustrating how many questions you have answered.
5) Next to the group, you will see the button for "play." Please use this way to access the exercises otherwise your totals will not be recorded in the group forum.Click on play.
6) There are different subject, topics, and levels for freerice.com Please make sure that you are in the English subject.
7) Answer the first questions. On the bottom of the box, there is the option to change your level. (The first questions is set to the easiest level.) Please change the level to 15.
8) Spend a few minutes on level 15 and adjust according to your ability level.
9) Once you are done, notice how much rice you just provided to hungry people. You just made a difference in people's lives by doing vocabulary!

Last modified: Thursday, 14 June 2012, 4:20 PM