The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Chapters 32-35

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Summary of Chapter 32: Huck approaches the farm, not knowing what he will say, but just trusting Providence "to put the right words in [his] mouth." Soon he realizes that they are expecting someone, and eventually he realizes that they are anticipating the arrival of one Tom Sawyer. Since they haven't seen Tom in many years, they assume that Huck is him. This sudden turn of fortune delights Huck, who willingly assumes the identity of his best friend and eagerly answers all their questions about the family he knows so much about.

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Summary of Chapter 33:
Worried that the real Tom Sawyer could be coming at any moment, Huck tells his new family that he will get his own baggage from the steamboat. Walking on the road back into town, he reunites with his friend, who can't believe that he is actually alive. He grudgingly admits to Tom that he's been trying to free Jim from slavery. Surprisingly, Tom says that he will help him free Miss Watson's slave. This stupefies Huck, who believes Tom to be a "civilized" boy who knows right from wrong.

Reaching the Phelps' farm himself, Tom assumes the identity of Sid, his older brother, and explains the circumstances that bring him to visit too.

Later, they see a wild crowd gathered around two men who have been tarred and feathered. Huck knows that these must be the infamous king and duke, and though he feels sorry for them, he's glad that justice has finally been done.

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Summary of Chapter 34:
Tom and Huck discover that Jim is being kept in a shed behind the house, and they go to the shed, telling him that they are planning to dig him out.

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Summary of Chapter 35
: Going that evening to dig Jim free, Tom realizes that it will be too easy to accomplish their plan. So, instead of freeing him as quickly as possible, Tom convinces Huck that they must reenact certain escape scenes about which he has read in books. Huck agrees, but really wonders why they have to go through all of this when setting Jim free would be so easy without all the pomp and circumstance.
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