The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Chapters 36-end

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Summary of chapter 36

The escape antics continue over the next few days, much to Huck and Jim's befuddlement. Both, however, go along with what Tom says.

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Summary of chapter 37

For their plan, they steal one of Uncle Silas' shirts. This causes quite a stir, because Aunt Sally blames her husband for losing his own clothes. Besides the shirt, they also hide a rope ladder in a pie they make, telling Jim to dig it out when he eats the pie. Thus, the needless escape rituals continue.

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Summary of chapter 38

The antics become even more ridiculous, as Tom insists that wild animals be put into the shack to befriend Jim.

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Summary of chapter 39

The intricate plan continues, with Tom insisting that Jim keep a journal as well. It seems the runaway slave is becoming a little weary of all of the games.

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Summary of chapter 40

Finally escaping with Jim, Huck and Tom are caught by men with guns, so they all make a run for it. All three of them escape, but Tom is shot in the leg, forcing Huck to go for a doctor. When Jim agrees to stay with the injured Tom, risking his own life, Huck says he knew that Jim was "white inside." Here, the reader sees that Huck truly believes Jim to be a real man, just like any other.

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Summary of chapter 41

In town, Huck accidentally bumps into Uncle Silas, and he tells him that he and "Sid" have been looking for the "runaway nigger." Having gone home with Uncle Silas, Huck realizes that all of their escape items have been discovered, which takes a lot of explaining on his part.

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Summary of chapter 42

The next morning, Huck wakes to see that both Tom and Jim have arrived. Tom tells Aunt Sally that he and "Tom" were the ones to free Jim, much to her (and Huck's) shock. Then, also to everyone's amazement, Tom announces that Jim is a freeman, that Miss Watson died two months ago and had set Jim free in her will. Also during this conversation, Tom's Aunt Polly arrives suddenly, wondering why everyone is referring to Tom as Sid. Thus, both of the boys' covers are blown, and they are forced to admit their true identities.

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Summary of chapter 43

Huck includes this chapter to fill in the reader on a few details. Tom, he says, had planned to escape with Jim on the raft, so that all three of them could have more adventures. After they reached the mouth of the Mississippi, however, he was going to tell Jim that he was free, and then all three of them would take a steamship up the Mississippi back home. Here also, Jim tells Huck that the dead man in the houseboat was actually his father, so he doesn't have to worry about his pap bothering him anymore, and he can now take his six thousand dollars from Judge Thatcher. Thus, it's a very happy ending for everyone.

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