1920's Research Paper


The purpose of this project is to fully understand the historical events of the1920’s in America, and its impact on culture. You will be studying and researching the events of the era, as well as an artists and his/her works. The main objective of the project is to obtain full knowledge of how events in society affect the works of artists. You will select an artist from this time period, research his/her biography, and two pieces he/she created. This artist may be a writer, dancer, actor, painter, musician, etc. You will find criticisms examining these pieces. In addition, you will relate the motifs found in the art to modern society.

The project is separated into 2 parts. The first part of the project will be the research paper. You will be spending Quarter 3 weeks 2-5 in your English 11 class researching and creating the paper. You paper will be approximately 5-7 pages and include 5-7 sources. You will also be required to create a Slide Rocket presentation for your American History class based on your findings. You will be receive a grade for the research paper in English 11, and a grade for the Slide Rocket presentation in your American History course during week 3.

The following is a simple outline of the objectives for Quarter 3 weeks 2-5.
  • Week 2: Study and understand the historical events of the 1920’s and the impact on society. You will select an artist from this period, begin researching his/her biography, and select two works that you are going to examine.
  • Week 3: Begin research for paper. You will locate criticisms, or critical essays, for the two pieces you select. You will learn how to collect and synthesis information for your paper, as well as understand how to select reliable sources for information. You will being to formulate an outline for your paper based on your research findings. You will learn how to site your sources both in text and in a works cited page.
  • Week 4: The Writing Process: During this week you will be creating your outline for your paper, as well as rough drafts,
  • Week 5: Your rough draft is due, and you will complete peer edits. Your final draft will be due in week 5.
The 1920’s research paper will demonstrate your ability to research and synthesis information in order to formulate a higher level of understanding. You will be required to address each of the following sub-topics in your paper:
  • What were some of the historical events surrounding and during the period?
  • How did these historical events affect society? What was the culture of this time? What events contributed to this?
  • Discuss the biography of the artist: birth, family, education, works created, other major events, and death.
  • What impact did the events and culture have on the artist and pieces you selected? Provide specific examples from the pieces and criticisms you selected. This section of your paper will contain the most information, and therefore be the longest in length.
  • Describe how the motifs in the art are applicable to modern society. How are the themes of this time still reflected in our modern society?

Here are the total possible points awarded for each activity of the research paper:
  • 10 points for outline
  • 15 for peer edit
  • 25 points for rough draft
  • 50 points for final draft

Please note that half of the points possible for this project are for the writing process activities (outline, peer edit and rough draft).

Please follow this link to view the grading rubric for the paper.

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