Root Word Unit

Starting this week, and continuing for the rest of the quarter, we will be studying root words. Root words are important because they assist readers in understanding the meaning of words with they are unfamiliar.

For example, if you know...
bio= life and -ology= the field of study
then you know...
biology= the field of study of life

If you know...
-ist=a person who practices
then you know...
biologist= a person who practices in the field of study of life


Every week you will be given a list of root words with their origin and definition. Your assignment will be list 3 words that contain each root word. For example, your first root work is bio. You will need to list three words that contain the root word. 1) Biology 2) biochemistry 3) biosphere
Each week you will be quizzed on the origin of the word, and being able to extract the root word and know its definition.

For example, if the following sentence was provided:
We studied biology in 9th grade science.
What is the meaning of the root word in the underlined word? Well, we know the root word is bio that means life.

Have fun exploring root words and how they construct our language!
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