Study Guide Assignment

Click HERE to Print Unaltered Study Guide

The objective (multiple choice/fill in the blank) Test will cover all of the material we have learned so far in this course. To prepare, review your notes, instruction videos, and review exercises. You should also use this study guide to help you prepare.

Your assignment for this week is to go to the Google Docs link below to access the study guide. This document is shared with your entire class. To help your fellow classmates, edit the Google Doc by posting sample questions and answers. Your changes to the Google Doc will be updated automatically for everyone to see.


1. Click HERE to go to shared Google Doc

2. Post at least 3 sample questions and answers on the Google Doc under the correct heading. Use a clolored font and type your initials at the end of each sample question

3. Post your sample study quesitons no later than Wednesday! Otherwise they will not be helpful to others who are studying for the midterm that is due by the end of the week.

4. Makes sure your answers are correct.

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