Group Project

How much is the project worth?
You will have a group project this quarter which will count as a test grade. 
Who am I going to work with?
For this project  you may work with a partner or by yourself.  If you choose to work by yourself, you are still responsible for the same amount of work as the pairs.  There is a forum that you can use to find a partner.
What is the project about?
This quarter we are going to learn about characterization and types of characters.  We area also going to discuss the theme of coming of age.  A Separate Peace is a coming of age novel.  A coming of age novel is a story about a character that experiences adventures, turmoil, or personal growth to go from a child to an adult.
What do I have to do?
You will create a Sliderocket or Voicethread of 17-20 slides which shows how one of the characters from A Separate Peace experiences a coming of age and how the author uses characterization to describe the characters.  Click here to see the directions for the project.  
What do I do this week?
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