TKM Reading & Vocab for Chs 1-7

VOCAB: A list of words that may be unfamiliar to you in these chapters is attached; it is also included in the course with hyperlinks to and other sites for better understanding the word. Print it out; the reading comprehension quiz will quiz you on some of the words. You may use your print-out during the quiz. Click HERE to view and print out the vocabulary list.

READING GUIDE: Use the reading guide (below) to help as you read. Click HERE to view and print it out and have it by your side as you read.

Chapter 1
Introduction to Maycomb and the Finch Family
  • Who replaced Boo Radley’s father when he died?
  • What does Dill want to make Boo do?
  • How does Jem feel about this?
  • What does Dill dare Jem to do?
  • How does the chapter end?

Chapter 2
Dill leaves and school begins.
  • Where was Miss Caroline from?
  • How did Miss Caroline begin the day?
  • Why does Miss Caroline get upset with Scout?
  • What does she tell her to tell her father?
  • What happens when it is time to go to lunch?
  • What does Scout try to explain to Mrs. Cunningham?
  • Who are the Cunninghams? What were they like?
  • How does Atticus know the Cunninghams?
  • What does Miss Caroline do to Scout?

Chapter 3
School continues.
  • What is Scout doing to Walter at the opening of this chapter?
  • Where do the kids go?
  • What does Walter do to his food?
  • How does Scout react?
  • What does Calpurnia do?
  • Summarize what happens when they return to school
  • How does Burris treat Miss Caroline?
  • That evening Scout tells Atticus that she does not think she wants to return to school. She tells him about her day. What advice does he give her?
  • What does Atticus tell Scout that she had learned that day?
  • What does Atticus say about the Ewells?
  • What does Atticus teach Scout about compromise?

Chapter 4
The knothole.
  • What does Scout find in the knothole of the oak tree?
  • What does she do with it?
  • What does Jem make her do when he hears about it?
  • On the way home from school on the last day of school what do Jem and Scout find in the oak tree?
  • Who arrives?
  • What is a Hot Steam?
  • What does Jem do to Scout?
  • What game do the kids play?
  • Who gets angry? Why?
  • What did Scout hear when she rolled into the Radley yard?

Chapter 5
  • Why is Scout angry at Dill?
  • What does she do to him?
  • Who does Scout hang out with?
  • What do the kids decide they are going to do?
  • How are they going to do it?

Chapter 6
  • One night what do the kids see Mr. Avery doing?
  • What do the boys do? Why can’t Scout participate?
  • What are Dill and Jem planning to do?
  • When Atticus asks about Jem’s pants what does Dill tell him?
  • How does Jem get his pants back?

Chapter 7
Your turn! Write a summary of this chapter. Be sure to include all of the things that the kids find in the knothole.

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