TKaM Reading & Vocab for Chs 8-14

For this week, read chapters 8 through 14 of To Kill a Mockingbird (TKaM). After you have read these chapters, be sure to answer the questions in the discussion board, post the required blog, and complete the reading comprehension/vocab quiz.

Click HERE to view and print the vocabulary list; it is also included in the course with hyperlinks to and other sites for better understanding the word. Print it out; the reading comprehension quiz will quiz you on some of the words. You may use your print-out during the quiz.

READING GUIDE: Use the reading guide (below) to help as you read. Print it out and have it by your side. Click HERE to view & print the reading guide.

Chapter 8
This chapter opens with a call from Eula May who informs Atticus that there will be no school because it is going to snow. The kids spend the day playing in the snow.
  • What happens in the middle of the night?
  • Where are the kids taken?
  • What is Mr. Avery doing?
  • When they finally are able to return home what does Scout find around her shoulders?
  • According to Atticus who put it there?
  • What does Miss Maudie say about her house?

Chapter 9
  • What happens between Cecil Jacobs and Scout?
  • Who is Tom Robinson?
  • Why does Atticus say he is defending him?
  • How does Scout deal with Cecil the next day?
  • Who is Francis?
  • What did Jem and Scout get for Christmas?
  • What happens between Scout and Francis on Christmas day?
  • How does Uncle Jack react?
  • What does he do to Scout?
  • What happens between Uncle Jack and Scout when they get home?
  • What does she make him promise?
  • Summarize the conversation between Uncle Jack and Atticus.

Chapter 10
Your turn! Write a short summary of this chapter.
  • Why is it a sin to kill a mockingbird?

Chapter 11
  • Why do Jem and Scout hate Mrs. Dubose?
  • How does Atticus tell Jem to handle her?
  • List some of the mean things she says to the kids.
  • Jem is furious. What does he do?
  • When Atticus finds out what does he make Jem do?
  • What does Mrs. Dubose want Jem to do for her?
  • Describe the experience that Jem has at Mrs. Dubose’s house.
  • How does Atticus explain to Scout what a nigger-lover is?
  • What happens to Mrs. Dubose?
  • What was she addicted to?
  • Why was she so mean?
  • What did Mrs. Dubose have her maid send Jem?
  • How does the chapter end?

Chapter 12
  • Jem doesn’t want to hang around with ___ anymore. He is growing up. Cal starts calling him ____.
  • Why isn’t Dill coming to Maycomb?
  • To where Atticus is called away?
  • Describe the Montgomery Advertiser cartoon.
  • Why does Calpurnia bathe Scout so roughly?
  • Why is the church called First Purchase?
  • Describe the cemetery.
  • How do the people show respect to Jem & Scout, specifically?
  • Who is Lula?
  • This church has no ____ books.
  • The collection will go to ____.
  • ___ leads the singing. How does he do it?
  • What is the only difference between Reverend Sykes & Jem and Scout’s pastor?
  • Why does Reverend Sykes ask Alec to shut the door?
  • After church, Scout asks the Reverend why Helen doesn’t bring the kids to work with her. What does he explain?
  • Tom has been accused of ___.
  • Cal tells Scout to ask ___ about it.
  • What does Cal call the way they sing in church? Why do they do it that way?
  • What happens to Cal’s speech? How does Cal explain why she speaks differently at church and at the Finchs’ house?
  • ____ is on the porch when they get back from church.

Chapter 13
  • Alexandra has come to stay for a while. What does “a while” imply?
  • Why has she come?
  • What does Scout say when Atticus asks her if she would like Alexandra to live with them?
  • According to Scout, who really decided that Aunt Alexandra should come?
  • There is a very descriptive paragraph about Alexandra t hat begins with "When she settled in with us and life resumed its daily pace...." List several things you learn about her.
  • At the end of the chapter, Atticus comes into Jem’s room. What has Alexandra sent him there to explain to the children?
  • Why does Scout cry?
  • How does Atticus react?

Chapter 14
  • What happens to Jem and Scout when they go to town?
  • How does Atticus define rape? Does Scout understand?
  • Describe what happens when Scout asks if she can go to Cal’s one Saturday.
  • Aunt Alexandra wants to get rid of ____.
  • Why do Jem and Scout have a fist fight?
  • Scout thinks she has stepped on a ___. Jem gets a ___ and swipes it under the bed. ____ comes out.
  • Scout brings him ___ and ___ to eat.
  • Explain how Dill got there. (Both the imaginary and real versions!)
  • Who does Jem go to get? Why is this breaking "the remaining code of our childhood"?
  • Miss Rachel fusses, but what does she allow Dill to do?
  • What happens in the middle of the night?
  • Scout asks Dill why he ran away. What does he tell her?


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