TKaM Reading & Vocab for Chs 15 - 22

For this week, read chapters 15 through 22 of To Kill a Mockingbird. After you read these chapters, be sure to answer the questions in the discussion board, post the required blog, and complete the quiz.

VOCAB: A list of words that may be unfamiliar to you in these chapters is attached; it is also included within the course, with live hyperlinks to examples. Print it out; the reading comprehension quiz will quiz you on some of the words. You may use your print out during the quiz. Click HERE to view and print the vocabulary list.

READING GUIDE: Use the reading guide (below) to help as you read. Print out and have it by your side. Click HERE to view and print the reading guide.

Chapter 15
  • Atticus says that no matter what happens to Tom, Atticus is going to make sure what is told?
  • After Scout walks Dill home, what does he find Atticus and Alexandra doing?
  • When Scout and Jem talk in Jem's room, does Jem say he is afraid of?
  • What does Scout see the next day at church?
  • When Atticus leaves, what does he take with him?
  • Where does Atticus go?
  • Why does he go?
  • What happens at the jail?
  • Who does Scout recognize?
  • What does Scout talk about?
  • Who does Atticus talk to after the event?
  • Is Jem punished for disobeying his father?

Chapter 16
  • How are people feeling the next day at breakfast?
  • What are Mr. Underwood's feelings toward African-Americans?
  • Scout wants coffee, does she get it?
  • What does Atticus say about Mr. Cunningham?
  • What does Dill say the gossip around town is?
  • What do the children do out on the porch?
  • When Atticus comes home, what does he say they spent the morning doing?
  • Why is Mr. Raymond sitting on the far side of the square with the African-Americans?
  • Where do the children end up sitting?
  • What happens when they get to the balcony?
  • What profession is the jury made up of?
  • Who is the judge in the case?
  • What habit does the judge have?

Chapter 17
  • Who is the prosecutor?
  • Where is the prosecutor from?
  • Did Tate call a doctor to tend to the Ewell girl's wounds?
  • Which eye was bruised?
  • What does Scout think of the trial?
  • What is Bob's real name?
  • How does Mr. Ewell answer the questions?
  • What does Mr. Ewell say he saw?
  • What is the reaction to Mr. Ewell's testimony?
  • Which hand does Ewell write with?

Chapter 18
  • Describe how Mayella answers the first few questions posed to her.
  • What is Mayella afraid of?
  • How does Mayella act when Atticus calls her "ma'am"?
  • What does Atticus ask Mayella about her father?
  • What does Mayella do when Atticus asks her if Tom hit her face.
  • Why is Tom's left arm shriveled?
  • Describe how Mayella answers the last few questions posed to her.
  • How does Mayella feel toward Atticus?

Chapter 19
  • What happens when Tom Robinson is sworn in?
  • How does Tom's testimony differ from Mayella's?
  • Why did Tom keep going onto the Ewell property?
  • Why did Tom never take payment for doing jobs?
  • Did Tom ever go onto the Ewell property without being invited?
  • What does Tom say happened on the day of the event?
  • Who saw what happened out the window?
  • What did Tom do after Mr. Ewell arrived?
  • Why did Tom run?
  • What does Mr. Link Deas do in the courtroom?
  • What reason does Tom give for doing Mayella's chores?
  • How does Dill react toward the end of the chapter?

Chapter 20
  • What is Mr. Raymond really drinking?
  • Why does he drink it?
  • In his closing address, Atticus asks the judge for permission to do something. What is it?
  • What does Scout notice about Atticus?
  • Atticus' "summation" (closing argument) is one of the most famous trial speeches in literature. What moves you about this speech?
  • What is the lie that Atticus says is "as black as Tom Robinson's skin"?
  • According to Atticus, all men are not created equal, but one human institution is "the great leveler." What is that?
  • Who does Atticus quote toward the end of his closing arguments?

Chapter 21
  • Briefly describe Chapter 21 in your own words.

Chapter 22
  • How does Jem react to the verdict?
  • What is Atticus' mood when he goes to bed?
  • What is Atticus' mood in the morning?
  • What is different at breakfast?
  • What does Jem think about Maycomb residents?
  • What does Dill say he wants to be when he grows up? Why?
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