TKaM Reading & Vocab for Chs 23-end

For this week, read chapters 23 through the end of To Kill a Mockingbird. After you read these chapters, be sure to answer the questions in the discussion board, post the required blog, and complete the quiz.

VOCAB: A list of words that may be unfamiliar to you in these chapters is attached; it is also included within the course, with live hyperlinks to examples. Print it out; the reading comprehension quiz will quiz you on some of the words. You may use your print-out during the quiz. Click HERE to view and print the vocabulary list.

READING GUIDE: Use the reading guide (below and attached) to help as you read. Print out and have it by your side. Click HERE to view and print the reading guide.

Chapter 23
1. What does Scout think Atticus should carry?
2. Where did they take Tom?
3. What happens if Tom loses his appeal?
4. Atticus says that law requires a reasonable ________.
5. Jem asks why people like Kiss Maudie weren't called to be on the jury. What answer does Atticus give?
6. How does Aunt Alexandra describe the Cunninghams?
7. What does Jem give Scout to calm her down?
8. What are the four kinds of people Jem talks about?

Chapter 24
1. What is Aunt Alexandra holding at her house?
2. Who is serving?
3. Why can't Scout go swimming with Jem and Dill?
4. Does Scout want to be a lawyer when she grows up?
5. Who does Mrs. Merriweather talk about?
6. What does Mrs. Merriweather say about segregation?
7. How does Atticus look when he comes home?
8. What happened to Tom Robinson?
9. Which side is Atticus fighting on, according to Miss Maudie?

Chapter 25
1. Where are Scout and Jem sleeping?
2. Who picked up the boys on the way back from swimming?
3. How did Mrs. Robinson react when she heard the news about Tom?
4. Who stayed with the Robinson family?
5. Who writes an editorial in the paper?
6. What did Mr. Ewell say when he heard of Tom's death?

Chapter 26
Briefly describe Chapter 26 in your own words.

Chapter 27
1. Where does Mr. Ewell get a job?
2. What happens to Mr. Ewell's job?
3. What does Judge Taylor hear one night?
4. What do the Ewells do when Helen walks by?
5. How is the problem solved?
6. Where did the kids hide the furniture?
7. What is planned this halloween?
8. What part does Scout get in Mrs. Merriweather's pageant?

Chapter 28
1. What do the children hear at the Radley house?
2. Who scares them?
3. What does Scout do after she gets in her costume, and while she is waiting for her cue?
4. What does Scout forget?
5. Who attacks the children on the way home?
6. What happens to Jem?
7. What does Scout keep asking Dr. Reynolds?
8. What happens to Mr. Ewell?

Chapter 29
1. What happened to the costume?
2. Who was the man who saved the children?

Chapter 30
1. Who does Atticus think stabbed Mr. Ewell?
2. Who does Heck Tate think stabbed Mr. Ewell?
3. What does Tate mean by "let the dead bury the dead?"
4. What does Atticus tell Scout?
5. What does Atticus say to Boo Radley?

Chapter 31
1. What does Boo do before he goes home?
2. Who walks home with Boo?
3. Why does Scout stop on Boo's porch?
4. What book is Atticus reading?
5. What does Atticus say about 'most people'?
6. Where does Atticus spend the night?
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