Commonly Confused Words III

Their – possessive form of they
There – location
They're – contractor for 'they are'.

  • I enjoy talking with Tim and Brenda. In fact, I'm going over to their house now.
  • I want you to walk over there and push that button.
  • Marc and Doug said they're going to the movies at 6:00.

Supposed to – to be obligated.
Suppose – to guess

  • You are supposed to be at school!
  • I suppose you think you're funny.

Who – pronoun that refers to a person or persons.
Whom – used as a subject

  • Who gave me this present?
  • To whom did you give the present?

Conscience – sense of right and wrong
Conscious – awake

  • When you are not sure what to do, always follow your conscience.
  • Robin just became conscious after her fainting spell.

Complement – something that completes
Compliment – praise

  • The maraschino cherry really complements an ice cream sundae.
  • Did Mr. Bean compliment you on your test score?

A lot – many
alot – not the correct form: DO NOT USE
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