LotF Reading & Vocab for Chs 1-2

For this week read chapters 1-2 of Lord of the Flies.

Use the reading guide to help you focus on key points in the text and prepare you for the Reading Comprehension questions. Use the vocabulary list as a mini-dictionary, and work to master these words. Try out the vocab game if you want extra practice. You will be quizzed on the words later, but may use the vocab guide (so print it out!).

Chapter 1

1. What are the names of the two boys first described in chapter one?

2. Where are the boys?

3. How did they get there?

4. What do the boys find?

5. How do the boys determine who is going to be the chief?

6. Who wins the election?

7. What do Ralph, Jack, and Simon find when they go exploring?

8. What do they find tangled in some foliage?

9. Does Jack kill the pig? Why or why not? What is significant about this scene?

Chapter 2

1. What rule does Ralph create regarding the conch?

2. What is the child with the mulberry-colored birthmark afraid of?

3. What does Jack decide to do with his hunters?

4. What do the children decide to do to increase their chances of getting off the island?

5. How do the boys eventually start the fire?

6. Why does Piggy get upset?
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