LotF Reading & Vocab for Chs 3-6

Read chs 3-6 of Lord of the Flies.

Use the vocabulary list as a mini-dictionary, and work to master these words. Try out the game if you want extra practice. You will be quizzed on the words later, but may use the vocab guide (so print it out!).

Use the reading guide to help you focus on key points in the text and prepare you for Reading Comprehension questions.

Reading Guide Questions:

Chapter 3
1. What is Jack doing at the opening of this chapter?
2. Does he accomplish his goal?
3. What are Ralph and Simon doing?
4. Why do Ralph and Jack argue?
5. Who is Simon helping?
6. Describe the character traits of Simon.

Chapter 4
1. What is in the water beyond the reef?
2. Describe the two different groups on the island (littlun and biguns)
3. What do Roger and Maurice do?
4. What does Jack do when he sees his reflection?
5. What do the children spot while swimming?
6. Is the signal fire lit?
7. Where were the boys who were supposed to be watching the fire?
8. What does Jack do when Piggy gets after him for letting the fire go out?
9. What do the boys use the fire for?
10. Who gives Piggy meat?
11. What do the boys chant?

Chapter 5
1. What happens at the beginning of Chapter 5?
2. What bothers Ralph in Chapter 5?
3. What are some of the rules Ralph brings up?
4. What does Jack tell the other boys when he gets the conch?
5. Where does one of the littluns say the beast comes from at night?
6. Who does Simon say the beast is?
7. What does Ralph say is the thing that is holding them together?
8. Why doesn't Ralph blow the conch after everybody leaves?
9. What makes the sound at the close of the chapter?

Chapter 6
1. What is going on in the sky above the island?
2. What comes drifting down from the sky in Chapter 6?
3. Who finds the body?
4. What do they think the body is?
5. What do the children decide to do about the body?
6. Who goes into 'the castle' alone?
7. Who joins the person after a few moments?
8. What happens while the children play in the fort?

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