LotF Reading & Vocab for Chs 7-9

For this week read chs 7-9 of Lord of the Flies.

Use the vocabulary list as a mini-dictionary, and work to master these words. Try out this game if you want extra practice. You will be quizzed on the words later, but may use the vocab guide.

Use the reading guideto help you focus on key points in the text and prepare you for Reading Comprehension questions.

Reading Guide Questions:

Ch 7
  • What do the boys eat at the beginning of chapter 7?
  • How does Simon reassure Ralph?
  • What does Roger find?
  • What comes out of the bushes?
  • What happens to Jack's arm?
  • What happens to Ralph?
  • What does Jack see when he climbs the mountain?

Ch 8
  • How do the boys react to the news of the beast?
  • Who calls a meeting with the conch?
  • Why does Jack think Ralph shouldn't be chief?
  • Do the boys vote Ralph out?
  • What does Jack do after the vote?
  • What does Simon suggest to do about the beast?
  • What idea does Piggy have?
  • Where did Simon go?
  • What does Jack and his group find?
  • After they kill the pig, what do they realize they are missing?
  • What does Jack declare himself to be?
  • What happens to Simon?

Ch 9
  • What does Simon do after he wakes ?
  • What does he find?
  • How does he react?
  • How is Jack treated at the feast?
  • What does Jack offer to the boys?
  • What do the boys do as it starts to rain?
  • What happens when Simon steps into the camp?
  • How do the boys react to what they have done?

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