Clarifying Chapter 8

  1. Watch the video below.
  2. Read this information about the book's title, Lord of the Flies:
The title comes from the name Beelzebub. In Hebrew, the word baal means lord (or proprietor, possessor, or god). Zevuv means fly. So "baal-zevuv" (which became beelzebub)literally means "lord of the flies" in Hebrew. But to the ancient Jews, this was a title for the false god Baal, who was worshiped by many of the nations surrounding Palestine. It became another title for demons or devils. Thus Golding is using the title with a double meaning. Simon, the symbol of absolute good, sees the pig's head with the swarming flies as the symbol of absolute evil. Jack's tribe has created a shrine for the head. They are worshiping the false god, Beelzebub -- the Lord of the Flies.

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