LotF Reading & Vocab for Chs 10-12

For this week read chs 10-12 of Lord of the Flies.

Use the vocabulary list as a mini-dictionary, and work to master these words. You will be quizzed on the words.

Use the reading guide to help you focus on key points in the text and prepare you for Reading Comprehension questions.

Reading Guide Questions:

Chapter 10
  • How do Piggy and Ralph react to Simon's death?
  • Describe how Jack leads his tribe.
  • What is Jack's feelings toward Ralph and the few boys who stayed with him?
  • What does Jack tell the boys about The Beast?
  • Who comes to Ralph's camp that night?
  • What do the attackers take?

Chapter 11
  • Are Ralph and Piggy able to start the fire the next day?
  • Who comes when Ralph blows the conch?
  • What happens when Ralph and the boys get to Castle Rock?
  • Why do Ralph and Jack fight?
  • What does Roger do?
  • What happens to Piggy?
  • What happens to Ralph?
  • What happens to Sam and Eric?
  • What does Jack declare when the conch is destroyed?

Chapter 12
  • What does Ralph do with the Lord of the Flies?
  • When Ralph returns to Castle Rock, who does he talk to?
  • What do the two boys give to Ralph?
  • What do the two boys tell Ralph?
  • What does Jack do in order to find Ralph?
  • Where does Ralph end up when he runs?
  • Who does he find?
  • How do the boys react to being rescued?
  • What does the naval officer think of the boys?

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