Have you tried these tips and are still having trouble with Shakespeare's language?  Here are a few resources that might help.

  • While this should not replace reading Romeo and Juliet in its original form, No Fear Shakespeare is a great site that will give you the play in modern English.

  • This source isn't free, but if you like graphic novels or anime, it a great resource.  No Fear Shakespeare has taken Romeo and Juliet and adapted it into a graphic novel.  Not only will you get the text "translated" into Modern English, but it will also provide pictures, which should help you understand the play. 

  • I know that it is really tempting to have the TV on or listen to music while you read, but when you read Shakespeare, you have to unplug.  Turn everything off, so that you can fully concentrate and read in silence.  It will make a difference; trust me.

  • Last but not least, I suggest that you always listen to the explanations of the play in the course before reading.  You may find that the explanations and readings are enough and that you do not have to do the reading on your own.  
Last modified: Thursday, 14 June 2012, 4:20 PM