More Commonly Confused Words

The following are a list of words that are often confused and misused in writing. Study each word and then complete the practice exercise.

To – Moving towards
Too – In addition, also
Two – The number two.

  • I went to Washington D.C.
  • Scott is going too.
  • There are two of us going on the trip.

Than - comparison
Then – a specific time, next

  • I enjoy playing soccer more than baseball.
  • We are going to play soccer, and then play baseball.

Weather – outside condition
Whether – if

  • The weather is going to turn foul.
  • It matters little whether you want to play outside, you cannot do it.

Peace – the absence of war
Piece – part of a larger thing

  • Let us be at peace with our neighbors
  • Would you like another piece of pie?

Council – a group that advices
Counsel – to advise

  • I would counsel against moving out of state.
  • Let us present our plans to the council.

Councilor – A member of a council
Counselor – One who counsels

  • You may step to the podium and and address the councilors.
  • You really need to hire an attorney as a counselor.
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