Commonly Confused Words V

The following is a list of words that are often confused and misused in writing. Study each word and then complete the practice exercise.

Accept - to consider or hold as true; to receive
Except - take exception to; prevent from being included; to leave out

  • She accepted the criticism with grace and understanding.
  • You may eat any of the pies, except the pumpkin pie.

Allusion - indirect mention
Illusion- a false perception of reality

Her allusion to the president in her speech was uncalled for.
Your hope for being rescued is an illusion.

Breath - air inhaled or exhaled (noun)
Breathe - to inhale or exhale (verb)

  • It is so cold I can see my breath.
  • You need to calm down and just breathe.

Its - possessive form of the pronoun it
It's - conjunction of 'it is'.

  • The puppy will howl if you take away its food dish.
  • It's going to be a rainy day.

Principal - educator who has executive authority over a school
Principle - a rule or standard

  • If you earn one more incomplete you will have to go see the principal.
  • This company was founded on three core principles.

Lose - to misplace; to not win
Loose - not tight; to release

  • You cannot lose this key.
  • If you cannot fix the engine, you will lose the race.
  • I forgot my belt and my pants are too loose.
  • The turkeys have been set loose.
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