INTRODUCTION to Earth's Systems Review Week

test taking
This week is your final unit test of the school year! Photo courtesy of Old Shoe Woman/Flickr.

This week in earth systems is your final unit test of the year. Go through the review material in this week about the sun's energy, weather & climate, and atmospheric & oceanic circulation. Be sure you know topics listed on the exam study guide! Contact me with any questions you have.

This week's information is a general review of topics and concepts covered over the last few weeks; therefore, you may also need to go back to the following weeks to review more information if necessary:
  • Week 4: April 16-20: Solar Energy & Earth's Spheres
  • Week 7: May 7-11 : Weather & Climate
  • Week 9: May 21-25 Atmospheric & Oceanic Circulation
The TEST: Earth's Systems is accepted for credit until Friday, June 1st at 3pm. 
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