Grammar Quest—Capitalization

Capitalization is something that you have been learning since first grade. However, here are a few of the trickier rules of capitalization.

Capitalize the abbreviations of titles and organizations.

No. (for number) U.S.A. M.D. (Medical Doctor)

NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People)

OHSU (Open High School of Utah) BBB (Better Business Bureau)

Capitalize the letters used to indicate form or shape.

T-shirt A-bomb I-beam U-turn S-curve

Do NOT capitalize any of the following:

  • A prefix attached to a proper noun: un-American
  • Seasons of the year: fall, spring, winter, summer
  • A common noun shared by (and coming after) two or more proper nouns: Hudson and Atlantic avenues
  • Words used to indicate the direction: north, south, east, west
  • The word god or goddess when referring to mythology: the goddess Athena
  • Common nouns that appear to be part of a proper noun:

a Sunset high school student went to prom vs. Sunset High School was nominated for…

Governor George Basket supported the bill vs. George Baskett, our governor

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