The Introduction by Mary Shelley

STEP 1: There are two versions of Mary's Shelley's Frankenstein. The 1818 version, which contains and preface that is thought to be written by her husband, Percy Shelley. The 1831 version contains an introduction that was written by Mary. You are going to read the Introdcution in this assignment. As you read think about the following:

The Introduction was written for the 1831 edition of Frankenstein and so represents Shelley's thoughts fifteen years after writing the book. How does the 34-year-old Shelley present her 18-year-old self? What influences on her story does she mention? Based on her Introduction, can you identify any other possible influences?

How does Shelley say she first thought of the story of Frankenstein? With what words did she begin? How much effort does she claim to have been required for the actual writing of the story?

STEP 2: Read the Introduction below.

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