Critical Reviews

STEP 1: Use this Critical_Reviews_3_Reveal.swf to review just what makes up a critical review. (You can also click on this interactive. It will open in a new window.)

STEP 2: Read through these thinking questions.

Which aspect of Star Wars did you find most intriguing or surprising in these two reviews?

How does Roger Ebert feel about Star Wars?

How did Vincent Canby feel about Star Wars?

Roger Ebert said,"The films that will live forever are the simplest-seeming ones." Does Star Wars fit this statement?

Which movies do you think will be widely known a century or two from now? Why?

What ideas in Canby's critical review persuade you? (Positively or negatively)

Which reviewer liked the film more?

STEP 3: Read Vincent Candy's critical review of Star Wars (click to link).

STEP 4: Read Roger Ebert's critical review of Star Wars.

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