Introduction and Artifact #1

Research and WRITE your INTRODUCTION. Your entire research project will be contained in a Google Doc. HINT: Keep another Google doc as a place to paste references for you works cited page. As a reminder, here is a link to the entire project.

Title/Introduction: Introduce your project in a written paragraph. Be sure to introduce your author and highlight a few things that you learned while doing this project. Think of this as an introduction to a keynote speaker. Your introduction should be approximately 5-8 lines. Also, don’t forget to title your research project.

Don't forget to use parenthetical references to cite where you got your information! This is an important part of this project. If you would like to review parenthetical referencing, link " target="_blank" title="Intext Citations">HERE. You can also go a back and watch the tutorial on making a timeline. This has specific information about how to reference Internet sites.

Research and WRITE your first ARTIFACT.

ARTIFACT 1--Choose one: timeline of author’s life with citations or obituary of author. If your author has not died, you get to write it for them.

TIMELINE: If you choose to do the timeline, you need to have at least 12 points on your time line. See course for tutorial on how to make a timeline. You will definitely need to cite your sources with your timeline.

OBITUARY: If you choose to do the obituary, it will need to be approximately 250 words. Link HERE for a resource on what to include in your obituary. Be sure to peruse a few obituaries to know what you need to include in yours. You may be as creative as your would like. You are also welcome to include a picture of your author. Cite your sources using parenthetical referencing.

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