English 10
Characterization of Othello
25 points.

STEP 1: Link to ASSIGNMENT in Google Docs. Click FILE and MAKE A COPY. Rename your copy LASTNAME.characterization.

STEP 2: Fill this chart out as you are reading Acts II-V. You will l notice that I have started to fill in Emilia for you as an example. This assignment will be due in week 9 and is worth almost as much as an exam. It is an on going assignment. I would encourage you to work on it every time that you read Othello.

STEP 3: When prompted in week 9, click EDIT MY SUBMISSION to open a text box. Return to this Google doc. Click SHARE and then copy link. Return to text box. Paste link (control + v) into text box.

STEP 4: Submit assignment.
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