Read Othello Act IV, scenes ii-iii

You have several options on how you read these scenes.

1. Link
HERE to read Act IV, scenes ii-iii with notes. This will link you to a site that has the original text of Othello and a translation next to it.

2. You are also welcome to listen to these scenes

3. You may also read the text in the Google book below.
As you read, THINK about the following questions:

  • How does Emilia prove to be a friend to Desdemona?
  • What are Emilia's beliefs about men and women?
  • Roderigo is absent through much of the play. Explain Roderigo's influence in the action of the play despite his invisibility. How is this evidence of Iago's manipulation?
  • What is Roderigo's purpose in this scene?
  • What do we learn through the conversation between Iago and Roderigo? What is Roderigo able to learn about Iago's character that the other characters in the play have not?
  • How does iago manipulate Roderigo at the end of scene two? Hoe do we know that Iago is manipulating Roderigo?
  • What do we learn about Emilia's and Desdemona's characters is scene three?
  • Shakespeare uses foreshadowing in this scene to tell us what is going to happen to Desdemona. Look for examples of foreshadowing.
  • Explain the purpose of the final conversation between Emilia and Desdemona. What are these two women speaking about in scene three?

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