Math Continuum! Integers Add and Subtract

For this activity, you will be visiting Math Continuum! and completing the section on Integers Add and Subtract). Read through and then follow the instructions below.

1. Click HERE to open Math Continuum! in a separate window.
2. Click on "Integers Add and Subtract" under NUMBER
3. Follow the prompts and use the arrow buttons to navigate through the activity. Type in the solutions when prompted.

Be sure to complete all topics. When you reach the stopping point of each activity, click on TOPICS in the upper right to take you to the next topic.

Complete all 7 topics:
  • What is an integer?
  • Expressing Values as Integers
  • Using Integer Disks
  • Identifying Patterns in the Addition of Integers
  • Identifying Patterns in the Subtraction of Integers
  • Subtracting Integers by Changing Signs
  • Rick's Toy Store
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