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    US History Q1

    As Americans, we have a rich heritage and it is our duty to understand and honor the men and women that fought four our country. Following state standards, this fast paced course will look in depth at the founding of America and continue on to the Cold War. Over the course of 2 semesters students will learn about the foundation of the United States Government, they will feel the pain of the Civil War, join in the fight during World War I and II, and everything in between. Be prepared for a grand journey as we Celebrate America.

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  • Topic 1


    •  Welcome! Page
    •  Naturalization Test - Instructions Page
    •  Naturalization Test URL
    •  WATCH: What is History Page
    •  Why History? Page
  • Topic 2

    Pre-Colonial America and the Beginnings of the British and American Conflict

    •  What? Why? Page
    •  WATCH: 13 Original Colonies Page
    •  WATCH: Understanding the Taxes Page
    •  WATCH: Taxing America Page
    •  WATCH: Boston Massacre Page
  • Topic 3

    American Revolution

    •  Week Three Introduction Page
    •  WATCH: Philosophy of the American Revolution URL
    •  WATCH: The Declaration of Independence URL
    •  WATCH: Shot Heard Round the World Page
    •  WATCH: What Were They Fighting For? Page
    •  READ: Advantages and Disadvantages of the war Page
    •  WATCH: Battle of Lexington and Concord Page
    •  WATCH: Battle of Bunker Hill Page
    •  WATCH: Battle of Saratoga Page
    •  WATCH: Battle of Yorktown Page
  • Topic 4

    Constitutional Convention and the writing of the United States Constitution

    •  WATCH: Introduction to Week 4 Page
    •  WATCH: Federalists versus Anti-Federalists URL
    •  WATCH: Philadelphia Convention URL
  • Topic 5

    United States Government

    •  WATCH: Jaywalking the Citizenship Test Page
    •  READ: U.S. Constitution URL
    •  WATCH: 3 Ring Circus Page
    •  WATCH: Executive Branch Page
    •  WATCH: The Judicial Branch Page
    •  PLAY: Three Branches of Government URL
    •  READ: Bill of Rights URL
  • Topic 6

    The Ever Changing America

  • Topic 7

    Slavery in America

    •  WATCH: Value of Tobacco Page
    •  WATCH: Overview of Slavery in America Page
    •  WATCH: Underground Railroad Page
    •  WATCH: Frederick Douglass Page
    •  WATCH: Harriet Tubman Page
  • Topic 8

    Conflicts Leading Up To The Civil War

    •  Overview of Week 8 Page
    •  WATCH: Industrial Revolution Page
    •  WATCH: Influencing Ideologies Page
    •  WATCH: Missouri Compromise Page
    •  WATCH: The California Gold Rush Page
  • Topic 9

    The Civil War

    •  Overview of Week 9 Page
    •  WATCH: Compromise of 1850 Page
    •  WATCH: Debates of 1858 Page
    •  WATCH: A House Divided Page
    •  WATCH: Seceding From The Union Page
    •  WATCH: North VS South Page
    •  WATCH: Confederate VS Union Soldiers Page
    •  WATCH: Lee VS Grant Page
    •  Battles of the Civil War Book
  • Topic 10

    The Civil War