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    World Civilizations Q2

    World Civilizations is a survey course that examines historic and cultural events from five time periods in world history. Students learn about early civilizations, classical civilizations focusing on Greece, Rome and China, and interregional contact which lead to exploration and cultural diffusion during the middle ages. From there students investigate the role of revolution and social change and finally culminate their study of world history with a look at the march towards global integration during the 20th and 21st centuries. This is a rich and interactive course offering students opportunities for students to become eye-witnesses of history

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  • Topic 1

    Fall of the Roman Empire

    •  WATCH: Christianity Page
    •  WATCH: Decline of the Roman Empire Page
  • Topic 2

    The Middle Ages

    •  WATCH: Dark Ages Page
    •  WATCH: Feudal System Page
  • Topic 3

    Importance of the Church in the Middle Ages

    •  WATCH: Christianity Overview Page
    •  READ: Overview of Christianity URL
    •  WATCH: Organization of the Church Page
    •  WATCH: Why the Church Was So Powerful Page
    •  WATCH: New Architecture Page
    •  READ: LIfe in the Ministry Page
    •  WATCH: Monastic Life Page
  • Topic 4

    The Crusades and End of Unit Exam

    •  WATCH: Understanding the Crusades Page
    •  WATCH: The Crusades Page
    •  WATCH: The Effects of the Call to War Page
    •  WATCH: The First Crusade Page
    •  READ: Effect of Crusades Presentation Page
    •  WATCH: Life after Crusades Page
    •  READ: Magna Carta URL
    •  READ: Overview of the document URL
  • Topic 5

    The Americas

    •  EXPLORE: Ancient American Map Page
    •  GAME: Ancient America's Basketball Page
    •  WATCH: Mayan People Page
    •  WATCH: Understanding the Mayan People Page
    •  WATCH: Cracking the Mayan Code Page
    •  WATCH: *Brainpop* Incan Life Page
    •  WATCH: Incan Civilization Page
    •  READ: Life for the Incans (Read all 3 Parts) URL
    •  WATCH: Aztec Civilization Page
    •  WATCH: Aztec History Page
    •  WATCH: Aztec Culture and Sacrifice Page
  • Topic 6

    The Renaissance

    •  READ: Intro to the Renaissance URL
    •  WATCH: The Renaissance Page
    •  WATCH: You Got Yourself A Rensaissance! Page
    •  WATCH: Italian Renaissance Art Page
    •  INTERACTIVE: Exploring the Renaissance Page
    •  WATCH: BRAINPOP Galileo Galilei Page
    •  WATCH: BRAINPOP Isaac Newton Page
    •  WATCH: Spread of the Renaissance Page
    •  INTERACTIVITY: You Are The Trader Page
  • Topic 7

    The Reformation

    •  EXPLORE: A Monk's Life Page
    •  READ: About Martin Luther Page
    •  WATCH: Luther's Challenge to the Church Page
    •  READ: Martin Luther's 95 Theses URL
    •  WATCH: Effects of Martin Luther Page
    •  WATCH: English Refomation (King Henry VII) Page
    •  WATCH: Origins of Calvanism Page
  • Topic 8

    Age of Exploration

    •  WATCH: Age of Exploration Page
    •  WATCH: Exploration Tools Interactivity File
    •  WATCH: Important Explorers Page
    •  WATCH: Reconquista Page
    •  WATCH: Strength of Spain Page
    •  WATCH: Overview of Christopher Columbus Page
    •  READ: Christopher Columbus Log URL
    •  READ: Columbus Writes Home URL
    •  READ: Spanish Conquistadors Page
    •  WATCH: Montezuma and Cortez Page
    •  WATCH: Pizarro and the Incas Page
  • Topic 9

    Triangular Trade and Americas

    •  WATCH: Triangular Trade Page
    •  WATCH: Overview of Triangular Trade Page
    •  LISTEN: Molasses to Rum Page
    •  WATCH: The Middle Passage Page
    •  WATCH: Slave Narrative Page
    •  READ: Sugar and Slavery Page