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    English 11 Q2

    From slave narratives to F. Scott Fitzgerald's roaring 1920's—English 11 will focus on the unique literary works and themes of American Literature. Our comprehension of these texts will be facilitated by analyzing and evaluating the literary elements, plot, theme, and character development. As part of this course, we will continue to hone writing skills by practicing multiple forms of writing. English 11 will specifically focus writing personal narratives and analyzing literary texts. This course will allow students to make real world connections to literature through project based assessments, the use of the most up to date tech tools, thoughtful group discussion, and formative writing assignments.

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  • Topic 1

    •  Standards Page
    •  TEXT of Huckleberry Finn Page
    •  AUDIO of Huckleberry Finn URL
    •  WATCH--Mark Twain aka Samuel Clemens Page
    •  RESOURCE--Mark Twain's Memory Builder Page
    •  READ--Images in Huck Finn Page
    •  WATCH--What is Satire? Page
    •  WATCH--Modern Satire Page
    •  WATCH--Before Reading Huck Finn Page
    •  READ--Huck Finn Chapters 1-6 Page
  • Topic 2

    My books are like water; those of the great geniuses are wine. (Fortunately) everybody drinks water.
    --Mark Twain

    •  Standards Page
    •  TEXT of Huckleberry Finn Page
    •  AUDIO of Huckleberry Finn URL
    •  READ- Huck Finn Chapters 7-12 Page
    •  PRACTICE--Huck Finn Vocabulary Chapters 1-12 File
    •  WATCH--Censorship & "N" Word in Huck Finn Page
    •  WATCH--Map of Huck Finn's Adventure Page
    •  RESOURCES- Reconstruction of the South Page
    •  READ--Representing Jim 1885-1985 Page
  • Topic 3

    All modern American literature comes from one book by Mark Twain called Huckleberry Finn.

    --Ernest Hemingway

    •  Standards Page
    •  TEXT of Huckleberry Finn Page
    •  WATCH--Themes of Huckleberry Finn Page
    •  PRACTICE--Chapters 13-19 Vocabulary File
    •  READ--Huck Finn Chapters 13-19 Page
    •  WATCH--More on Huck Finn Themes Page
  • Topic 4

    •  Standards Page
    •  TEXT of Huckleberry Finn URL
    •  AUDIO of Huckleberry Finn URL
    •  NO FEAR side by side translation of HUCK FINN URL
    •  WATCH--On Transcendentalism Page
    •  WATCH--Defining Transcendentalism Page
    •  READ--Rules for Punctuating Dialogue Page
    •  READ--Huck Finn Chapters 20-23 Page
    •  RESOURCE-Mark Twain as a Literary Critic URL
  • Topic 5

    “[Mark Twain] is surprisingly relevant right now. When you look at how much he wrote and the breadth of the subjects he wrote about, you know that if he were alive today, he would totally be a blogger.”

    — Rebecca Fitting, an owner of the Greenlight Bookstore in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, quoted in the 2010 article “Mark Twain’s Autobiography Flying Off the Shelves.”

  • Topic 6

    Huckleberry Finn Trivia

    • The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn was immediately banned in several libraries upon its publication in 1885 due to the subject matter and the dialect. (Source)

    • According to the American Library Association, Huckleberry Finn is the 5th most challenged book in the United States. (Source)

    • Mark Twain was not the author’s real name. His actual name was Samuel Langhorne Clemens. The name "Mark Twain" was riverboat language for the minimum water depth required to prevent a boat from running aground. (Source)

    • Twain hated the work of several prominent 19th century authors, including Jane Austen and Edgar Allen Poe. (Source)

    •  Standards Page
    •  AUDIO of Huckleberry Finn URL
    •  TEXT of Huckleberry Finn URL
    •  NO FEAR side by side translation of HUCK FINN URL
    •  WATCH--Huckleberry Finn & Music Page
    •  PRACTICE--Huck Finn Vocabulary Chapters 32-43 File
    •  REVIEW--Huck Finn Vocabulary Chapters 1-31 File
    •  READ--Huck Finn Chapters 32-35 Page
    •  WATCH--Symbols in Huck Finn Page
  • Topic 7

    twain 2

  • Topic 8

    Week 8: January 2-6

    •  Standards Page
    •  READ--Huck Finn 36 to the End Page
    •  READ--Huckleberry Finn Exam Hints Page
    •  RESOURCE--Review of Text Page
    •  READ--How to Write a Literary Analysis Page
  • Week 9

    •  Standards Page
    •  READ--Final Draft of Literary Analysis Page