Topic outline

  • English 9

    English 9 Q1

    In this course, we will study novels, plays, poetry, and articles as a means of improving critical thinking, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and written expression. Through written, audio, and video recordings, students share their reactions to the characters, themes, and issues of the works studied. Grammar, vocabulary, symbolism, plot points, and character development are among the language and literary techniques which students will study in this course. Throughout the course, students will make connections between the themes and characters of literature, and the events and interactions of their own lives.

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    •  English 9 Q1 Moodle Course File
  • Week 1


    •  Glossary of Literary Terms URL
    •  RESPOND: Who are you? Page
    •  READ: Background on The Outsiders File
    •  PRINT: Parts of Speech Handout Page
    •  PRACTICE: Parts of Speech Practice Quiz Page
  • Week 2

    Introduction to the Writing Process

    •  WATCH: Writing Presentation Page
    •  WATCH: Screencast how to do clustering assignment Page
    •  WATCH: Identity and the Outsiders Page
    •  WATCH: Week 2 Grammar Instruction Subjects and Verbs URL
    •  PRACTICE: Finding Subjects Page
    •  PRACTICE: Finding Verbs Page
  • Week 3

    Tell your Paragraph Where to Go! Effective Topic Sentences

  • Week 4

    Supporting Details: The Scenery Along the Journey

    •  WATCH: Week 4 Composition Instruction: Support URL
    •  PRINT: Transitions Handout Page
    •  PRINT:Paragraph Structure Handout Page
    •  REVIEW: Action vs. Linking Verbs Page
    •  WATCH: Week 4 Grammar Instruction:Verb Shifts URL
    •  PRACTICE: Active vs. Passive Verbs Page
    •  PRACTICE: Shifts in Tense Page
    •  WATCH: Week 4 Usage--its/it's/your/you're URL
  • Week 5

    Unity and Coherence

    •  WATCH: Week 5 Composition Instruction: Unity and Coherence URL
    •  WATCH: Week 5 Grammar Instruction--Run-on Sentences URL
    •  PRACTICE: Comma Splices and Fused Sentences Page
  • Week 6

    Revising- "Seeing Again"

    •  WATCH: Week 6 Composition pt. 1: Revision URL
    •  WATCH: Week 6 Composition Instruction part 2 Page
    •  WATCH Week 6 Instruction part 3 URL
    •  PRINT and READ: Peer Edit Guidelines and Example File
    •  WATCH: Week 6 Grammar Instruction: Sentence Fragments URL
    •  PRACTICE: Sentence Fragments Page
  • Week 7

    The Final Paragraph

    •  WATCH: How to use Glogster Page
    •  PRINT: Week 6 Slang/Cliche Note-taking Guide Page
    •  WATCH: Week 6 Instruction--Slang/Cliche URL
  • Week 8

    •  REVIEW: Peer Editing Guidelines and Example Page
    •  REVIEW: The Outsiders Test Page
    •  PRINT: Capitalization Handout Page
    •  WATCH: Capitalization Instruction Page
    •  PRACTICE: Capitalization Page
  • Week 9

    •  STUDY and ADD to: Grammar, Mechanics, and Composition Study Guide Page
    •  IMPORTANT!: Read this BEFORE opening the exam Page
  • Week 10

    •  STANDARDS: Week 10 Page
    •  WATCH: Week 10 Composition Instruction URL
    •  VIEW: Sample 5-Paragraph Essay Page
    •  PRINT: Week 10 Composition Assignment--essay organization Page
    •  READ: Drop the Halloween Mask! It Might Scare Someone URL
    •  *WATCH: Week 10 Grammar Instruction URL
    •  READ and PRINT: Pronoun Case Page
    •  PRACTICE: Pronoun Case Page
    •  WATCH: Week 10 Usage Instruction: Affect/Effect URL
    •  READ and PRINT: Affect vs. Effect Page
    •  LISTEN: Grammar Girl on Affect vs. Effect Page
    •  REVIEW: Confused Words Page