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  • English 9

    English 9 Q2

    In this course, we will study novels, plays, poetry, and articles as a means of improving critical thinking, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and written expression. Through written, audio, and video recordings, students share their reactions to the characters, themes, and issues of the works studied. Grammar, vocabulary, symbolism, plot points, and character development are among the language and literary techniques which students will study in this course. Throughout the course, students will make connections between the themes and characters of literature, and the events and interactions of their own lives.

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    •  English 9 Q2 Moodle Course File
  • Week 1

    Thesis Statements: Giving the Essay Focus

    •  STANDARDS: Week 1 Page
    •  WATCH: Thesis Statements URL
    •  WATCH: Summary Page
    •  WATCH: Aid to Africa and Summary Examples Page
    •  WATCH: A Separate Peace Movie Trailer Page
    •  WATCH: Week 1 Grammar: Pronoun Problems URL
    •  STUDY: Pronon Agreement Handout Page
    •  STUDY: Accept vs. Except handout Page
    •  PRACTICE: Accept vs. Except. Page
  • Week 2

    Outlining: Giving Essays Structure

    •  STANDARDS: Week 2 Page
    •  PRINT: Sample Outline Template and Sample Outline Page
    •  WATCH: Week 2 Composition Instruction URL
    •  WATCH: Research on the Internet Page
    •  WATCH: Bibliographies Page
    •  WATCH: Annotated Bibliographies Page
    •  WATCH: Week 2 Grammar Instruction: Point of View URL
    •  WATCH: Usage Video: Fewer/Less URL
  • Week 3


  • Week 4

    Body Paragraphs

    •  STANDARDS: Week 4 Page
    •  WATCH: Buiding Depth and Detail Instruction URL
    •  PRINT: Body Paragraph Outline and Example Page
    •  WATCH: Writing the Body Paragraph Video Page
    •  WATCH: Writing Formal Letters Page
    •  WATCH: Punctuation Instruction URL
    •  WATCH: Week 4 Usage Instruction: Woman/Women/Among/Between URL
  • Week 5

    Writing Effective Conclusions

    •  STANDARDS: Week 5 Page
    •  READ: How to Write a Conclusion Page
    •  READ: How to write an effective conclusion Page
    •  WATCH: Conclusion Checklist Video Page
    •  REVIEW: Essay Organization Page
    •  INSTRUCTIONS: Group Project Page
    •  WATCH: Types of Characters Page
    •  REVIEW: Capitalization Page
    •  REVIEW: Commas vs. Semicolons Page
    •  WATCH: Week 15 Apostrophes Instruction URL
    •  PRINT: Apostrophe Handout Page
    •  PRACTICE: Apostrophe practice quiz Page
    •  MORE PRACTICE: Apostrophes Page
  • Week 6

    Revising the Final Essay

    •  STANDARDS: Week 6 Page
    •  PRINT: Week 6 Revision Quiz Information Page
    •  PRINT: Essay Scoring Guide Page
    •  READ: Eliminating Words URL
    •  WATCH: Coming of Age Page
  • Week 7

    Submitting the Final Essay

    •  READ/PRINT: MLA Style Guide URL
    •  WATCH: MLA Formatting Page
    •  EXPLORE: Sample MLA Paper URL
    •  WATCH: Theme Page
  • Week 8

    •  STANDARDS: Week 8 Page
    •  READ: how to prepare for essay exam Page
    •  REVIEW: Using the Correct Words Page
    •  REVIEW: Essay Organization Page
    •  PRINT: Study Guide Page
    •  CONTRIBUTE: to Class Study Guide Page
  • Week 9

    •  STANDARDS: Week 9 Page
    •  REVIEW: Elements of Fiction URL
    •  READ: "Teacher, Leave Those Kids Alone" URL
  • Week 10

    •  STANDARDS: Week 10 Page
    •  READ: Have You Ever Heard Of URL
    •  Watch: What is a Sonnet? Page
    •  READ: Sonnet 18 URL
    •  READ: Sonnet 116 URL