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    Lifetime Sports Q2

    Lifetime Sports is a continuation of Fitness for Life. It focuses on a higher level of proficiency of fitness and activity. Students will be required to participate in regular physical activity and will be required to track weekly physical activity, just like in Fitness for Life, but with more in-depth self-monitoring. Students will be learning about individual sports, commonly played team sports, and extreme sports. It is intended that these will promote various activities for lifetime fitness. Examples of activities covered are golf, tennis, martial arts, wrestling, water sports, gymnastics, dance, badminton, table tennis, winter sports, basketball, football, soccer, dodgeball, quadball, baseball, softball, volleyball, ultimate sport, disc golf, cycling, hiking and various extreme sports.

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    Team Sport: Lacrosse/Rugby

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    Team Sport: Dodgeball/Quadball

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    Team Sport: Baseball/Softball

  • Topic 4

    Team Sport: Volleyball

  • Topic 5

    Individual Sport: Ultimate Sport/Disc Golf

  • Topic 6

    Individual Sport: Cycling/Hiking

  • Topic 7

    Team Sport: Flickerball/Pickleball

  • Topic 8

    Individual Sport: Archery

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    Extreme Sports

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    Final Week