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    Foods & Nutrition Q2

    This course is for students who are interested in becoming food and nutrition enthusiasts. The course is designed for students to understand the principles of kitchen management, nutrition and in maintaining a healthy life style. Students will learn various aspects of kitchen management, food safety, food consumerism, cooking terms, tools, and equipment, along with various foods and recipes. This class is a must for any food connoisseur!

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    Grains, Pastas, & Soups

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    Pages: 5URLs: 3
  • Topic 3

    Vegetables & Salad

    Pages: 7
  • Topic 4

    Milk, Eggs, & Dairy

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    Pages: 5
  • Topic 6

    Poultry & Seafood

    Pages: 8
  • Topic 7

    Sugar & Candy

    Pages: 7
  • Topic 8

    Fats & Desserts

    Pages: 12
  • Topic 9

    Spices, Garnishes, & Condiments

    Pages: 5URLs: 3
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    Final Week