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    Study Skills & College Readiness Q2

    This course is intended for all students who wish to learn how to study more efficiently and effectively. This course covers methods and skills of studying such as: organization, listening, note-taking, reading, writing, preparing for tests, and time management. Study Skills & College Readiness is designed to increase student success in college. The course will focus on supporting students in the development of practical study skills and techniques to enhance academic success. It will also help familiarize students with resources available both on campus and in the community. This class is helpful for creating and maintaining sensible study habits for now and for the college bound student.

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    •  Study Skills and College Readiness Q2 Moodle Course File
  • Topic 1

    Taking Control of Your Health

    •  INTRO: Taking Control of Your Health Page
    •  READ: Nutrition and Weight Control Page
    •  READ: Activity and Exercise Page
    •  READ: Sleep Page
    •  READ: Substance Use and Abuse Page
    •  READ: Stress Page
    •  READ: Emotional Health and Happiness Page
  • Topic 2

    Taking Control of Your Finances

    •  INTRO: Taking Control of Your Finances Page
    •  WATCH: Taking Control of Your Finanaces Page
    •  READ: Financial Goals and Realities Page
    •  READ: Making Money Page
    •  READ: Spending Less Page
    •  READ Financing College and Looking Ahead Page
    •  READ: 10 Techy Ways to Cut College Costs URL
    •  READ: How To Deal With College Tuition URL
    •  READ: 7 Mistakes To Avoid When Paying For Your College Education URL
    •  READ: College Housing: Strategies for Saving URL
    •  READ: Do's & Don'ts of College Credit Cards URL
    •  READ: Student Loan Debt URL
  • Topic 3

    Filling Out Forms

    •  READ: How To Fill Out Your College Application Form URL
    •  READ: Tips for Filling Out Financial Aid Forms URL
    •  READ: How To Fill Out a College Application URL
    •  READ: 5 Tips To Streamline Your College Application Process URL
    •  READ: Thesis Statements URL
    •  READ: Tips and examples for Writing Thesis Statements URL
    •  READ: Tips for Scholarship Searching URL
    •  COMPLETE: Filling Out Forms Google Doc Page
  • Topic 4

    College Reality Check & Preparing for College

    •  INTRO. Preparing For College Page
    •  READ: 10 Tips To Prepare for College While in High School URL
    •  READ: When Your Parents Won't Help You Pay For College URL
    •  READ: Getting the Right Stuff Page
    •  READ: Avoiding College Burnout URL
    •  READ: Long Term Impact of Massive Student Loan Debt URL
    •  READ: The Life Experience Credit URL
  • Topic 5

    Taking Control of Your Future

    •  INTRO: Taking Control of Your Future Page
    •  WATCH: Taking Control of Your Future Page
    •  READ: The Dream of a Lifetime Page
  • Topic 6

    Networking, Resources, & College Online

    •  INTRO. Networking. Resources & College Online Page
    •  READ: Going to College? Clean Up Your Online Profile First URL
    •  READ: The Power of Networking Page
    •  READ: Collaborating Online URL
    •  READ: Networking in College URL
    •  READ: 6 Strateges for Successful Online Students URL
    •  READ: How Online Education is Changing Everything URL
    •  READ: Evaluating Online Programs: How To Choose The Right College URL
  • Topic 7

    Career Development

    •  INTRO. Career Development Page
    •  READ: Career Exploration Page
    •  READ: Six Job Skills Employers Look For in New Graduates URL
  • Topic 8

    Job Seeking

    •  INTRO. Job Seeking Page
    •  READ: Résumés and Cover Letters Page
    •  READ: Interviewing for Success Page
    •  READ: How The Financial Landscape Has Changed URL
    •  READ: Job Prospects Improving URL
    •  READ: Managing Up URL
    •  COMPLETE: Cover Letter & Resume' Exercise (Due on 5/21; accepted for credit until 5/28) Page
  • Topic 9

    Final Exam