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  • Music Theory

    Music Theory Q2

    This course is designed to teach students how to read and understand musical notes, rhythms, and symbols. Students will learn about the note names and basic applications to the piano keyboard. Students will be expected to use a piano or other instrument during the course to reinforce the theory concepts learned during the course. Students will also learn some basic aural skills including recognizing intervals and tonality using your ears only. Students will have a weekly video presentation, assignment, and discussion to complete.  Prerequisite: Access to a piano or keyboard.

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  • Week 1

    Intro to Aural Skills/More Intervals

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    •  WATCH: Quizlet Tutorial (to review) Page
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  • Week 2

    Major Scales

    •  WATCH: Week 11 Instruction Video Page
  • Week 3

    Key Signatures

    •  WATCH: Week 12 Instruction Video Page
    •  STUDY:Key Signature Chart - Flats File
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  • Week 4

    Chords (triads)

    •  WATCH: Week 13 Instruction Video Page
    •  WATCH: Week 13 Assignment Tutorial Page
  • Week 5

    Music Terms & Definitions

    •  WATCH: Week 14 Video Lesson Page
  • Week 6

    Minor Scales

    •  WATCH: Week 15 Video Lesson Page
  • Week 7

    Music Notation Rules

    •  WATCH: Week 16 Video Lesson Page
  • Week 8

    More Aural Skills & Practice

    •  WATCH: Week 17 Video Lesson Page
    •  WATCH: Week 17 Interval Tutorial Page
    •  WATCH: Week 17 Chord Tutorial Page
    •  WATCH: Week 17 Scale Tutorial Page