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  • Music Appreciation

    Music Appreciation Q1

    Music Appreciation will introduce students to the fundamentals of creating, enjoying, and listening to music. Students will learn about the basics of creating music including melody, harmony, and rhythm. Students will also explore instrumental and vocal timbre and will critique musical performances. Students will also be exposed to many musical styles including traditional, folk, jazz, opera, popular, and classical music. Through unique online software, students will be able to compose, arrange, and share their own musical ideas. Students will learn to appreciate the complexity and the art of music.

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  • Topic 1

    Music and Me

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    •  INTRODUCTION to Week 1 Page
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    •  WATCH: Music & Me Video Presentation Page
  • Topic 2

    Concert Etiquette

    •  INTRODUCTION to Week 2 Page
    •  WATCH: Week 2 - Etiquette Video Presentation Page
    •  PARTICIPATE: Music Reading Basics - Staff & Note Names URL
    •  MEMORIZE: Note Names Page
  • Topic 3

    Melody and Harmony

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    •  WATCH: Week 3 Melody and Me Video Presentation Page
    •  PARTICIPATE: Music Reading Basics - Note types URL
  • Topic 4

    Musical Instruments, Timbre, and Musical Categories

  • Topic 5

    All About Rhythm

  • Topic 6

    Vocal Music & Styles

  • Topic 7

    Being A Music Critic

    •  INTRODUCTION to Week 7 Page
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    •  PARTICIPATE: Music Critic Glog URL
  • Topic 8

    Composing & Arranging

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  • Topic 9

    Music and Dance

    •  INTRODUCTION to Week 9 Page
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    •  WATCH: Dance & Music Presentation URL
  • Topic 10

    The Beginnings of Jazz Music