8. COMPLETE: Everfi Module 8 Insurance & Taxes (Due 4/23; accepted for credit until 4/30)

COMPLETE: Everfi Module 8 Insurance & Taxes

Be sure to take notes as you go through the module. You may pause or re-play information whenever you would like to.

1-Log in to your everfi account with your username and password.
2-Click on the curriculum tab.
3- Next click on Module number 8: Insurance & Taxes.
4-Complete the module by
a-Taking the Pre-Assessment
b- Viewing the overview about insurance and taxes
c- Learning about taxes
d- Learning about insurance
e- Watching the Conclusion, and then taking the Post-Assessment.
If you don't score at least 80% on the post-assessment, you should go back and review the material and take the assessment again until you do score 80% or higher.

Note: In the insurance section, there is an activity that asks what 3 different people pay for a surgery. The amount that the 2 people with insurance pay for the surgery is $0. They don't have to pay their deductible for it in this example.

Take a screenshot of the everfi screen with your post-assessment score and save it to your computer. To submit your assignment use the "browse" and "upload" buttons and then click on "Save Changes." This is worth 10 participation points.

Instructions on Taking a screenshot using Jing
Instructions on Taking a screenshot using Windows Snipping Tool