23. COMPLETE: Personal Finance Lesson (Due 5/29; accepted for credit until 6/1)

Personal Finance Lesson

1. Watch this video presented by Don Milne of Zions Bank.

2. Click HERE to download the Headline News Handout referenced in the video.
3. Locate an article from a newspaper that could possibly have an effect on a person's finances. Newspapers to try: Salt Lake Tribune, Deseret News, New York Times.
4. Create a new Google Doc by clicking "create" then "document" on your Google Docs homepage. 
5. Answer the questions from the Headline News Handout on your Google Doc. Sample answers can be found on the video. Be sure to include a link to the article you chose at the bottom of your Doc. 
6. Submit your assignment by clicking "Edit My Submission". Paste the link to your Google Doc and click "save".