8. WRITE: How to construct an Argumentative Speech (DUE April 23, accepted for PARTIAL credit until April 30)

How to Construct an Argumentative Speech

This week you will begin the process of constructing an argumentative speech. It is somewhat easy to get argumentative and persuasive speeches mixed up, because they do have some elements in common. For this reason, it is important that you understand the basic construction of an argumentative speech, and how it is different from a persuasive speech. To complete this assignment, you will create a short paper in google docs, outlining the basic construction of an argumentative speech. What is it important to remember when writing this type of speech? How is it different from persuasive speeches? Your paper needs to be at least two pages.

You will utilize google docs in order to create and share your paper detailing the basic concepts of argumentative speaking.

*Go to your google docs and then click CREATE NEW DOCUMENT in the left hand corner.
*Name your document with your last name then Argumentative Speech Construction. (ex. BRAY Argumentative Speech Construction.)
*Write the assignment.
*When you are finished click SHARE in the right hand corner.
*Check the box "allow anyone from Open High School of Utah to edit, then click SAVE. (Checking this box allows your instructor to write comments on your assignment.)
*Copy the link to the document (the top field of the SHARING SETTINGS window).
*To submit your assignment, click EDIT MY SUBMISSION (in Moodle) and paste the document link.